5 More Safety Tips For Cyclists

While cycling is a very fun activity, it can also be a very dangerous one if you are careless when out on your bike. We recently gave 5 tips for staying safe out there on the roads in Saratoga Springs and other locations, but there are actually five more tips that we want to share with you. So, check out the original tips if you haven’t already done so. Then, take a look at the additional suggestions below. There’s a good chance that you’re already familiar with these safety tips, but it never hurts to be reminded of all the extra little things that you can do to stay safe while riding your bike. And now, here are the next 5 safety tips for you to check out…

6) Cycle Safely

Ensure that you cycle consistently and do not do anything in an unpredictable or erratic manner, weaving in and out of parked cars means that drivers may not see you until you appear on the hood of a vehicle.

7) Be Aware

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Always know what is happening on the road, keep your eyes and ears open, for vehicles behind, ahead and coming from the side. Watch out for sand, road chippings, gravel, glass, railway tracks, parked vehicles, snow, ice and slush, which can damage you and your bicycle. Your wheel can catch in sewer inspection plates, drains and potholes in the street, causing a jolt which can throw you off into the street. Remember that parked cars can mean people throwing car doors open suddenly and incautiously. Give yourself plenty of time before changing lane or turning the corner, and give other road users chance to appreciate what you are going to do.

8) Be Seen

Bright clothing may not sound too cool but it can save a cyclist’s life. Plus, there are actually some pretty cool cycling jersey options available for both men and women, so check some out before you form a judgement on it. Bright reflective clothing is extremely important at night, in bad weather conditions and in bad visibility. Ensure that the reflectors on the front, side and rear of your bicycle are clean and in good condition.

9) Be Hands On

Never cycle without at least one hand on the handlebars. Always signal your intention, rather than your action, using the correct hand signals when you are about to change lanes or turn left or right.

10) Maintain your Bicycle’s Brakes

Check your bicycle’s brakes frequently and maintain them in first class order. You should also understand how different weather and road conditions affect your braking ability.