Best Saratoga Springs, NY Restaurants

If you’re planning to go upstate New York, Saratoga Springs is a great town to stop in and get some quality food. The restaurants are overall excellent and the scenery while you eat is breathtaking. If you’re in the area¬†and want to eat away, then check out these restaurants in Saratoga Springs. The food and the service won’t disappoint.

For those who loves fine dining and want to enjoy a night on the town, The Springs is great restaurant to eat out. This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and located in the Saratoga Hilton at City Center. The Springs serves and features American food for their guests and the chefs are top rated. What’s makes The Springs special is the entertainment and the horse track during the summer. This restaurant has variety of food to choose from and the service is out of this world when you come this downtown spot.

If you love Italian food, candlelight dinners, and a nice view on the lake, Panza’s Restaurant is the perfect spot. This restaurant is right on Saratoga Lake. This restaurant is the oldest restaurant in the city and served celebrities and politicians. The service is family based and when you eat here you feel like you’re apart of their family. If you have a taste of Italia, Panza’s Restaurant is the best choice.

Cantina is the best Mexican restaurant in Saratoga Springs. Located on Broadway and Caroline street, this restaurant features the best Mexican food in the city. The food brings a fiesta to your taste buds and both the drinks and desserts are out of this world. Not only the food and service are superb, this restaurant is community oriented. Their goal is to serve great food and to give back to the community. Cantina is a great restaurant.

Saratoga Springs is a great town to have a great meal when you want to get away from the city. Depending on which restaurant that you dine in, the service are friendly and excellent. Whether you may want to enjoy fine live music, enjoy great Italian food while viewing the lake, or support a restaurant that gives back to the community, the food and service are top-notched and makes you want to come back for another meal. Saratoga Springs is the town with the best food and best service in New York.